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Yet there are hundreds if not thousands of contract soldiers in Syria whom the Russian government has never acknowledged.

They were deployed both to help keep the official cost down and to avoid reports of casualties, especially with a March presidential election in Russia fast approaching.

He said that about 100 Syrian — not Russian — soldiers died in fighting on Feb.

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Aleksandr Ionov, a Russian businessman working in Syria offering security and other services, said he estimated after conversations with associates in several private military organizations that more than 200 Russians might have been killed. Ionov said not all those killed were Russian: Some of the paid fighters came from other countries that were once part of the Soviet Union.

“More than 200 is the current estimate, we cannot know the exact number yet, but most of them were Russian,” he said in a telephone interview. Ionov said he was speaking out because he wanted any Russians who were killed to be officially recognized for their sacrifice.“The truth has to be told,” he said.

Its relationship with the Kremlin is murky and unconfirmed, but its leaders have reportedly received awards in the Kremlin and its mercenaries are trained at the Russian Defense Ministry’s facilities. Yavlinsky, a veteran Russian opposition politician who is a candidate in next month’s presidential election, called on Tuesday for Mr.

7.“We don’t know anything, whether they will bring them or not,” said Mrs. “This is very difficult and frightening.”The names of most of the victims identified so far were first reported by the Conflict Intelligence Team, a group of Russian investigative bloggers.

Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman, said at a news briefing on Tuesday.

“We don’t have data about other Russians who could be in Syria.”The Kremlin said much the same about the nature of the forces in Crimea and eastern Ukraine in 2014, however, claiming they were volunteers and men on vacation, only to admit later that they were regular soldiers. Putin has said at least three times since 2016 that combat operations in Syria were winding down, including once during a surprise visit to a Russian air base in Syria last December.

The main Russian paramilitary contracting organization is the Wagner Group, known by the nickname of the retired Russian officer who leads it.

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