Dating when youre septated

25-Jun-2017 04:59

I still have one more visit with my gynecologist and I'll see what she says - I'm still not sure if I'll have it removed as it hasn't really been as bothersome as it used to be. well im 15 i have the same thing you guys are all talking abut but i tore my hymen with removing a tampon and it hurt so much i cryed and worst of all i was away on holidays with my family down the beach i was in the bath room for almost an hour crying till my aunty came in and cheaked on me my mum was not there and so i told her all about it she was really sourptive.

this was 2 years ago and i finally told my mum i want to do something about it i went to the doctor and then a gino ( a doctor for down stairs ) she said i could have surgery to fix it and i was all for it but now i have a few guys and i really want to do stuff with them but the doctor said i could not touch it or anything for like 6 weeks so im really confused wil it break in sex or do i have to get it cut ?? There's a piece of tissue that attaches horizontally to the other side.

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Mirena is the first and only IUD (intrauterine device) birth control that is FDA-approved to treat heavy periods, also known as heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB) in women who choose intrauterine birth control.

My hymen has stretched out to the point that it is relatively hidden and at 23 I am definitely "tighter" than normal because of how long it has taken for it to stretch out. I am 14 and I used a tampon for the first time today, it went in fine but when I tried to pull it out after two hours it hurt...

Often the septate hymen is however too thick and elastic. If you do not feel that you can talk to your mom, how about writing a note for her explaining the issue? can i cut it myself or would it get infected or anything? However, I kept using tampons and eventually my hymen broke on it's own when i was about 15 (3 years worth of tampon use) and now there is nothing interfering with the easy use of tampons!!!! I guess 3rd time is bad luck for me because on the 3rd try it got stuck.

so, i noticed about 6 months ago i had i skin flap (which i now know is a seperate hymen) covering my vaginal opening. but, i had intercourse for the first time about 1-2 months ago with my boyfriend, we are still dating and just today he asked me about it, he noticed while fingering me (too much information? took me about an hour to find out this seperate hymen business. Anyway, I had to pull the thread to the other side.