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You know the initials — you've probably seen them on more invitations than you can remember. So what happens when you're the host and your guests aren't R. Not long ago, guests were expected to send handwritten replies on their own stationery to announce their intentions. Less formal party invites now might include the host's telephone number so you can call with your reply, although under strict etiquette rules, a written invitation requires a written reply. Second female contact is 58 years old, a company executive and separated, she has no profile at all just 3 photographs.She is looking for a short or long term relationship with a male.I didnt realise it cost so much to make contact with an individual person. In my experience women play with men alot in ways you describe and then some.

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They stand for the French phrase "répondez, s'il vous plaît," which literally means "respond if you please." But most people sending an invitation that includes R. Most invitations have changed with the times and make it easy for guests to respond. Today they typically come with a response card — and a self-addressed stamped envelope — that you can mail back right away. Sshe never contacts me again, so on Monday morning I text her and tell her that basically she is an a...hole!This brings a tirade of taunting and abusive texts but no apology!RSVP is not for the weak or naive and rather than an ideal forum for finding a partner it is the playground of the game player and the mentally ill. 5 minutes later she texts me and tells me she is busy and that she will ring me on Sunday if she doesn't tie on too much of a big one on Saturday night.